Geographical advantage:

Port of DHIBA is strategically located at the north end of the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia at

Latitude 27° 33'  N

Longitude 35° 31'  E

It is a natural harbor protected on all three sides by hills. This port has vast hinterland on the inland frontier up to the Northeast coast of Saudi Arabia and extends up to the Mediterranean Sea on the maritime front. It is nearest Saudi’s port to the Suez Canal and other Egyptian ports.

The distance between Dhiba Port and Suez Canal is 253 nautical miles. The Vessel takes approximately 17 Hours, with average speed 12kts.  to reach Suez Canal from Dhiba port. It is the last Saudi’s port developed to serve the north West provinces of the kingdom.


Approaches to the Port:

1) Northern approach:

All vessels which are coming from North or North West can approach to Duba port between Duba Port cardinal buoy (27° 34.80’ N) & (35° 26.00’ E), And Duba south cardinal buoy (27° 36.25’ N) & (35° 23.80’ E).

2)Southern approach:

All vessels which are coming from South, West and South-West, can approach to Duba port between Marash South cardinal buoy (27° 30.50’ N) & (35° 26.60’ E), and Al-Sajdah West cardinal buoy (27° 26.18’ N) & (35° 31.08’ E).

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