Welcome in the site of Alshaheen Trading Works ,  here below abbreviated summery about our activities in all fields and the services that we present  for our dear clients across our internet site . Shaheen trading works establishment is presented as on of the famous experience houses in all perfect activities in Saudi Arabia . 

Our history extended to about century that built on the hand of Al-Shiekh  Mahmoud Mosa Shaheen (god mercy upon him ) who established this agency in 1980 . In the beginning , it was a shop for building and fixing the ships and boats and gradually it became one of the important sites for building and fixing ships in the north of red sea .

The real dashing in our works was with the opening of commercial Diba port which leads to make a great development in these works that expended to contain  the marine shipping affairs , all tourist villages , ship supply , discharging works , contracting works , Restaurants , fire control & safety center and  many other activities . Nowadays , we practice the modern shipping systems in all works that match with what is new in the world .

so , we wish you to enjoy with your visiting to our site 

Shaheen family group


Dear visitor , our aims , Trust . Speed . Chievement